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Collabtic is a collaboration platform which is empowering organizations to increase technician productivity and first-time-fix-rates with collaboration tools and workflow automation. Onboard, train, and support new technicians while enhancing the performance of existing technicians.
Collaboration platform for technicians, engineers, dispatch, tech -support, service managers, service directors and many more

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Service businesses across industries have adopted Collabtic to drive efficiency and profitability.

Driving Service Performance & Efficiency.

Collabtic is a Collaboration Platform for Technicians that enables technicians, subject matter experts, and trainers to efficiently work together to quickly diagnose and resolve machine issues. Collabtic’s AI-driven knowledge base builds organizational intelligence as the system is used, providing proactive recommendations to technicians.

Accelerating the service process with Collaboration Platform

The All-In-One Collabtic service platform provides a variety of features and capabilities for faster issue resolution, knowledge sharing, and planning.

Types of customers

Collabtic Collaboration Platform for Franchise service chains

Franchise service

Collabtic Collaboration Platform for OEMS and Dealer Network

OEMs and Dealer

Collaboration Platform for Mobile service

Mobile Service

Collaboration Platform for Contracted Service Network

Contracted service

Collaboration Platform for Tech-support

Tech support

Collaboration Platform for what team size

Team size

Whether you’re supporting a team of 5 or 20,000, businesses of a variety of sizes are leveraging Collabtic for their service operation.

User Role Types

Collaboration Platform for Technicians


Collaboration Platform for Tech Support

Tech Support

Collaboration Platform for dispatch team


Collaboration Platform for Engineers


Collaboration Platform for Service managers

Service Managers

Collaboration Platform for service directors

Service Directors

Enterprise Grade

It’s the capability behind the features that provide maximum adaptability of Collabtic to your business. Flexible data models, workflow triggers, access controls, and data monitoring provide the insight you need to manage your service business.

Structured data for your business

On our collaboration platform, All content is managed based on key product attributes such as Make, Model. Manufactured Year, Product Type, Category, Error Codes, Product Options, and other customized parameters.

Workstreams & Access Control

Organize your service teams by groups, to manage data access rights. Granular access control based on roles and account types.

Integrated content authoring

Author well structure content with rich HTML editors, tags, folders, categories, systems and more. Create engaging and smart content to enable context-sensitive proactive recommendations to technicians.

Dashboards to track all aspects of workflows

Power dashboards with automated reports, emails and notifications keep everyone in the service loop. Metrics available on web and mobile apps.

SSO, APIs and then some

Integrate Collabtic in to your existing tool chain and workflows with provided APIs, URL based data transfer or files import through automated emails. We have implemented a wide variety of single sign-on integrations including SAML 2.0.

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